Wall Art 2

This is hanging in my kitchen, along with similar prints of a kitchen scale and coffee cup and saucer

 I love wall art. I am always on the look out for fun and interesting pieces to put on my wall. I have prints, and letterpress, handmade, and photographs. I search at thrift stores, on Etsy, and get inspiration from blogs.

This is hanging in my bedroom, it makes me happy when I come home from work.

 This is seriously my favorite piece of art I have in my home. It is quirky and weird and fits me so well!

I handmade this canvas using vintage book pages, Mod Podge, I have yet to decide if I am going to paint something on top of it. (Sorry for the horrible picture...forgive me!)
I am working on this frame collage as we speak, trying to add more variety. I am liking it so far. : )
There you have it...my wall art. Tomorrow I will be featuring a DIY for making your very own canvas mod podge collage. See you then!

Love, Sav

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