New Features!

I have a couple new features comin' atcha in the next couple of weeks! My wonderful BF just bought a crockpot cookbook because he was just given one by my parent's when they got a new one. (They didn't think to maybe, I dunno...give it to their DAUGHTER!) ; )

So for the rest of winter, until March 1st I will be having "What in the Crock?! Tuesdays" with recipes for  everything from Beef Stew (tomorrow) to pumpkin butter. I'll think of a new cooking series for Spring.

Another feature I am having will be DIY projects once a week. I have been pretty sporadic with DIY projects, throwing them all out at once, but now I can just hit you with one a week. So follow me every Thursday if you are interested in handmade goodies! From practical to decorative, I'll do it all!
Love, Sav

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