DIY vintage fabric teething rings

One of my BFFs is pregnant so I get to play the crazy crafty pseudo-aunt that makes all the homemade stuff for the baby. This is kind of like those cloth teething necklaces you can buy, but not so embarrassing to own. 
  1. Cloth (I got the "fat quarters" from Beverly's...I love the vintage pattern!)
  2. Wooden bead, large sized
  3. Scissors (not pictured...sorry I forgot!)
  4. Sewing machine or needle and thread
  5. Pins

First cut a large strip off of the fabric you have

 Then fold it once, not quite half way...
Then fold it again.

Make sure to measure and have enough room to drop the wooden bead in.

now pin and sew that baby together down the side! If you are unlucky like me and have a broken sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.

When it is all sewed down the side flip it inside out.

Drop beads down through the hole at the top, and tie a knot right above it. For extra security you can sew in between each bead before you tie it so the baby can't chew the bead out. Repeat until you have just enough room at the top to sew to the other end.
Enjoy your new vintage inspired, DIY baby teething rings. Your baby will enjoy them too. : )

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