24 by 24 and sneak peak!

Sneak peak at projects! One will be up tonight...check back!

Who doesn't love a good list! Today I turned 23, so I am giving myself a whole year to accomplish 24 fun/challenging/difficult things and I will post them and check them off throughout the year! 
  1. Re upholster a chair
  2. Bake a SUCCESSFUL Souffle
  3. Travel to at least one foreign country that I've never been to (hey a girl can dream)
  4. Finish the dress Marj and I started
  5. Read and study Romans
  6. Lead and finish Loving Well with SIS
  7. Be in a musical (a lifelong dream really)
  8. Crochet a hat
  9. Refurbish a piece of furniture
  10. Buy goats (see older post for their adorable little mugs)
  11. Learn how to take better pictures with my Nikon
  12. Learn how to swim dive.
  13. Organize my room and craft supplies
  14. Write at least 5 letters to each of the kids I sponsor in Africa
  15. Post on my blog at least every week day
  16. Go to Renegade in San Francisco
  17. Tithe regularly
  18. Buy a new laptop
  19. Go to Philedelphia (is it cheating to put something on your list you KNOW you will be doing?)
  20. Start nursing school
  21. Build Daisy a bigger and better cage. (and buy her a leash. Haha)
  22. Plan awesome dates for me and Greg to go on
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Make as many things by hand as I can

Love, Sav

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