Tin can lantern tutorial

What could be better than making a lantern out of trash. Literally an old tin can, some hemp, and a candle. 

1. Tin Cans (I got mine from the food service at the camp I work for. check pizza places or places with a salad bar, they will have those huge cans!)
2.Twine, hemp, jute, or string
3. Scissors
4. Sharpie marker
7. Spray paint

First start out by marking a design in your can with your sharpie marker. It is ok if you mess up because you will just spray paint over it anyway.

Then start pounding away! I'm not going to lie this is where I got lazy! I was in a hurry to get this up so my designs aren't nearly as cool as the my inspirations, but I am going back now and spicing them up a bit.
**make sure to pound out two holes at the top for your string handle to go!**

Next up...spray paint that bad boy! I like the look of black for the lanterns, but I guess you can choose any color you want. 

Cut a piece of string/jute/hemp just long to be the size of a small handle and feed them through the holes you made at the top of them can.

 Now hang it up, put a candle in it and enjoy! Like I said my design is pretty lame, but you get the idea and now you can make your own and make it fabulous!I eventually want to finish 3 intricately designed ones to go on my tree outside. 

Love, Sav

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