My dad- firefighter of the year!

My dad got firefighter of the year for all of Santa Rosa Fire Dept...I am so proud of him! : )
Love, Sav


  1. Hi Savannah

    I just stumbled onto your blog button while doing my nightly blog stalking and had to visit your site because of the name Savannah Smiles. First, my name is Savannah also. Second I was named after the silly and super cute 80s movie because my dad sang the opening song in the movie and I read somewhere on here that you grew up watching the movie as well. I wanted to comment on a post because I thought this was just too fun, then I saw this about your dad being a fireman...my dad is a fireman as well! Small world. Well the blog is darling and I love that you know about the movie. Congrats to your dad!

  2. Wow, seriously small world! I used to love the movie, it's funny because I was talking about the movie tonight trying to explain it to people. I was like "she sneaks into these guys car, but they don't really like kidnap her, but kind of...Its really sweet and cute!" Needless to say they didn't get it.