Lovely Sunday baby shower

Today my friend Natasha and I hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Ivy at my house. It was so much fun to plan, decorate, and throw! Here are some pictures from the day with a DIY on Thursday for the "baby girl" banner. 

 Salvaged window pane, fabric banner, and last minute Polaroid bump pics. Momma-to-be is gluten free, so the cupcakes were AMAZING gluten free cupcakes by Betty Crocker, Natasha the amazing baker that she is whipped up some delicious cream cheese frosting to go on top. And they were adorable to boot.

Loved putting my old thrifted tins to use by displaying cuties in them. Yum!

This picture does not do the mountain of gifts justice. Another salvaged window pane with mini clothespins glued on for loose cards. Vintage fabric backing added last minute because I cracked one of the glass panes by sitting on it. Whoops.

The glare was so bright my livingroom has two huge windows and other smaller window in it, my apologies.  Ivy had the genius idea of having the ladies fill out thank you card envelopes AT the shower before cards and gifts got separated.

I was going to make a banner with the baby's name on it, but Ryan and Ivy are keeping that name a secret like they are in the CIA. Baby girl was the next best thing. I originally got this DIY from Ashley Ann, It will be my feature DIY this week on Thursday. 

The lovely, and TINY mommy-to-be. I think she has gained like 6 pounds.

And this picture because I love that Ivy looks like she is doing acrobats. You can see some more of the mountain of gifts. She is loved and blessed.

Wonderful day, over 30 people crammed into my tiny living room, delicious food, and gift giving galore.
Love, Sav