Ruth 1


Me and a couple other girls are meeting bi-weekly to hang out, pray, read the bible, and usually eat yummy food. : ) The other day I had them over to my house for brunch and we read Ruth 1. In this chapter we learn about a woman named Naomi, her husband, 2 sons, and daughters-in-law Orpah and Ruth. The husband and sons die and Naomi is left with her daughters in law trying to fend for themselves. They decide to go back to Judah where Naomi is from. Orpah turns back to Moab but Ruth sticks by Naomi's side. Naomi curses God and re-names herself "Mara" which mean "bitter". 

Naomi and Ruth take very different approaches to life at this point. Naomi is wrapped up in her circumstances and blames God for all her misfortune. When times are good she praises Him and when times are bad she curses Him. Ruth is just the opposite, she vows to be faithful to Naomi and to God unto death. Caring and remaining with Naomi means that this poor foriegner (a Moabites in Judah) will probably be shunned, remain unmarried and with no legacy of children. She is not dependent on her circumstances for happiness. She is faithful and obedient through good times and bad.

I  pray that I can be more Ruth like than Naomi like. How do you identify with more?

Love, Sav

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