A picture is worth a thousand words

Especially on your wedding day. All the emotions, the family coming from all over to celebrate, friends you haven't seen in years. There is SO much that happens that why not have someone awesome and fabulous and most importantly TALENTED capture those moments?

Below are some photographers that I love and most of them I know personally.

{Lang Photographers}

The Langs. Their blog is amazing (and hilarious), their photography is even better.

They are located in Arizona, but love to travel. : )

Check them out HERE

{Whitney Darling Photography}

She is located in Orange County and is one of the sweetest gals I have had the priviledge to meet! We were on the same hall freshman year of college. She just had her own adorable wedding last year.
Here pictures make me swoon.

Check her out: HERE

{Keith Swafford Photography}

A great friend and talented photographer. He is located right here in Sonoma County, Wine country.
He has a great eye and from getting ready to leaving with rice in your hair each moment will be captured with skill and creativity.

Check him out: HERE

And a shout out to my friend Dalton Abshire Jr
You can find him on Facebook HERE

There are so many options out there when picking a photographer. In my mind it is one of the most important aspects of the day. Here is a list of things to consider when picking a photographer:

  1. Style. Don't choose a "smiel and pose for the camera" photographer when you are dying for a photojournalistic montage of your big day. You will be dissapointed.

Price. There photographers out there that will charge an arm and a leg because it is a wedding. However photography is something that you don't want to chince on. It is a skill and a trade and as the fiance of a freelancer I can tell you that putting a value and price on a skill and art is hard to do! Pay for quality and skill, but make sure you feel comfortable staying within a budget. There are a lot of affordable options out there that will give you amazing photos.

Comfort and rapor. You will be spending more time with this person than almost anyone else at the wedding...with the exception of you adroable Groom! Make sure you feel comfortable with them taking pictures as you...eek...getting ready. A photographer should be flexible and professional. At the same time, let them give you pointers. They are the professional and they have the creative eye. Things will go much smoother if you yield to their suggestions, while still holding your ground in terms of pictures you want taken. You will find the picture process will go quicker when you let them direct you on where to stand, which way to turn and who should stand next to who.

Don't settle. Everyone and their mother is or knows a photographer. DO NOT feel bad saying no to Aunt Betty's neighbor's girl who takes a photography class at the JC. In 10 years you will have bad photos and regret that you didn't hire a professional or a trusted friend. It will be cheaper to hire a friend, but don't do it to save a friendship. Bad wedding photos and the resentment that follows will put a whole lot more strain on the relationship, I guarantee!!

Hope this helps! Our drawn out (thanks broken computer!) series is almost over. Tomorrow is the last:

DIY for the Budget Bride.
what to do yourself and what to pay someone to do for you!


Wedding Resources - Favors and Sweets

So...this Wedding Resource Week has turned into 2 weeks. My computer was on the fritz so I have been trying to squeeze in blogging when I can. At my parent's house, on my computer when I can...so sorry for the drawn out "week" but it is what it is! : )

Today we focus on:

{Favors and Sweets}

Edible Candy Buttons by Andie's Specialty Sweets
The moment I saw these I knew I wanted them. A bit our of my price range for an entire wedding though.
I will revisit these for a friend's babyshower perhaps.

 Cake Pop? Yes, please. They are all the rage right now, so easy to find.
Tutorial here on Bakerella. She also has a new book...

Buy it here

Looking for an alternative to cake or just something to go with the cake?
How about a dessert table? There is inspiration galore all over the internet.

Feast your eyes on these...





I LOVE the look of dessert tables. So fun!

Put two of these Colorful Macaroons in a small white paper bag and tie with bakers twine. The perfect wedding favor. Stamp the bag with your initials, or floral desgin.

I hope that is gave you some inspiration on how to make and arrange beautiful Treats and Sweets
for your big day!


Wedding Resource Week - Maids and Men

So you picked out your wedding party. Now what do you do?

You want them to be all apprecitated and  stylin' on your big day too!

I have collected a few lovely things to give you some on ideas on accessories and gifts to give a big THANK YOU to the people who have to wear matching dresses and suits and throw parties for you.

How about some cute clutches from Bagatells and Co on Etsy for them to use even after the big day?

Multi-floral Lili clutch
but them: here

What better way to say thanks to those special matching ladies in your life?!
Buy them here

Ruche offers tons of affordable vintage inspired accessories for your Maids!
at $14.99 these necklaces are adorable and affordable!
Buy them here

And don't foret those practical joke loving, naughty car painting, mischevious bachelor party planners on your man's side. Whether you love em or hate they are your future husband's best friends...treat em' right!

How about these hilarious pewter animal shot glasses from A + R Store

Buy them: here

How about these Pretentious Frog ties from Etsy?
Buy them here

There are tons of things out there to let your Maids and Men know you love them! Make it unique and make it something they will really enjoy. Don't fall in the trap of just getting the run of the mill monogrammed hats and cuff links. Search and see what is out there. I bet you can find something that they really will love for years to come!

Good luck!


Attire and Accessories - Where to look

One of the biggest hurdles you come to with a wedding is:

The Dress.

But once you jump that hurdle, you think whew that's over! Until the week before the big day and you're freaking out, what do I wear WITH The Dress that will compliment but not take away from?

Here I am to help! I have compiled a couple of go-to Etsy and online shops for you to find those perfect accessorized and extras for your day.

Here are a couple shops to check out for that Vintage/Indie look:

Beautiful, unique necklaces

Stunning head pieces

I am in love with these shoes.


I look terrible in bird cage veils...but all my vintage glam loving sisters out there, this is a beautiful option.

I'm going for something more like this. Very Duchess Catherine.
My go to place ofr unique and affordable accessories
Ivory cream rose post stud earrings free shipping
Dainty and feminine ivory rose earrings
buy them here

Don't settle for a run of the mill fluffy white garter. Buy something one-of-a-kind and handmade

Rosebud Lips Sunshine Sass garter.
Buy it here
And match me...it's the one I bought. : )

I hope this has helped point you in the right direction of accessories that are classic and you.

Stay tuned for Maid and Men up next!


Wedding Resource Week

Making a unique and beautiful wedding is hard to do.

So this week I will be showcasing different unique online vendors and ideas for all you DIY and creative brides out there!
.::Today we will start with Wedding Blogs for inspiration::.

When I got to Michael's Crafts or Beverly's to buy wedding stuff I get so discouraged.

I wander through aisle after aisle of plastic pink roses, cheesy tulle bows and glittered EVERYTHING.


What's a girl to do?! I want something classic, unique and heaven forbid not stark white, lavender or pink!

These wedding blog links below allow picky creative brides to get inspired and create the beautiful and classic wedding they have always wanted without drowing in a pool of bejewled plastic tiaras and lavendar
silk flower petals.
Now this is what I'm talkin' about!


Click on these links below to get your inspiration on!
ruffled: Wedding blog for vintage and creative brides
                        once wed: Wedding ideas,used wedding dresses, and wedding blog
100 layer cake: Creating your wedding layer by layer
off beat bride: Altar your thinking
style me pretty: The ultimate wedding blog
snippet and ink: Daily wedding inspiration
june bug weddings: What June Bug loves
                                          brooklyn bride: planning a modern wedding, in a world of pink flowers and poofy dresses.
                           green wedding shoe: head over heels in love with all things wedding
lovely bride: Full color dreams of a wedding in white.

warms my soul.
vintage pastel australian wedding
Tomorrow we will focus on accessories and attire, Thursday is all about your Maids and Men, Friday stay tuned for Favors & Sweets, Saturday feast your eyes on some wonderful photographers, and Sunday we will wrap the week up with DIY for the Budget Bride.


The Thriving Garden

Alright folks, you know all that about having a black thumb and how I am trying to dispprove the obvious by planting, growing, and keeping alive a thriving garden?

Well...in most regards I failed miserably.

My mini-greenhouse dried out

My beautiful white and yellow ranuculus died

My succulents are on their last leg


My vegetable garden is thriving! Don't ask me how...ok well I planted them in really good soil.

 What are those green things sticking out the top of my gardening box?
Could those be healthy, thriving squash plant leaves?

A little birds-eye view.

And a close up. Haha, I am proud...can you tell?

Romaine! Salad time!

It's funny I am so not used to gardening so this whole week I have been like " I have chicken, pasta, but no salad mix! I am going to have to run to the store before dinner."

Umm hello dummy! You have beautiful romaine lettuce leaves growing in your backyard!

What are you growing this year and have you seen the fruits of your labor yet?


{What I wore Wednesday and our Viking Shower}

Every week I want to link up to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday, and never have...
so here goes!

I am wearing a white lace dress from Marshall for like $20 (woot, woot!) I know it is after Labor Day and before Memorial Day folks but I was headed to my Bridal Shower so I decided to throw that rule out the window!
I paired the white lace dress with a wide brown belt, purple cardigan, brown cowboyw boots (can't seem them, blame Greg) and a small vintage thrifted carpet bag. (It is truly vintage...it still smells like old lady perfume...gross)

The title intrigued you did it not?! Our VIKING shower?
I am {currently} a Westergaard, very Scandanavian so our co-workers threw us a joint Scandanavian Viking wedding shower.


Marzipan and Norwegian pancakes anyone?

Swedish Fish and Scandanavian potato salad. Yes Please.

And some good old fashion BBQ?

We are loved. And blessed, thank you guys so much!


DIY party stir sticks

Having a party? How about a wedding? These bad boys will be the perfect icing on the cake to tie your party decor together. Simple, fun, and cheap to make.

  1. Heavy cardstock
  2. Small wooden stir sticks or I got "Woodsies" from Micahels. : )
  3. Hot glue gun + extra glue sticks
  4. 1' or 1 1/2' round or scalloped paper punch
  5. Mini letter stamps (dollar bin at Michael's) or any small stamps

First make tons of little cut outs in your card stock with your round paper cutter. I got the 1' scalloped paper punch from Marth Stewart. $9.99

When you are satisfied with the number of stir stick tops, stop. Paper can be addicting and I advise you to only make as many as you need...you will very soon find yourself sitting in a pile of scalloped 1' paper punches. Anyway...

With your letter stamps stamp out cute or funny phrases onto your stir stick tops.

Put a small dot of hot glue on the stick at the top, and stick your stir stick topper to it.


Enjoy all your little stir sticks...there are so many phrases you can stamp onto them to make them unique!


{A few wedding purchases}

So some of you may be thinking...has she called off the engagement? There is little to no wedding posts or talk on this here blog these days.
Don't worry...the wedding is still on. Haha. On like Donkey Kong.
I have a few reasons for this...
1. I am a busy lady these days...
{bible study}
{bikini bootcamp}
Wedding planning usually falls by the wayside

Another (big) reason is because although I am going out of my mind excited and cannot WAIT to be Mrs. Horton I don't want it to become an obsession or idol.
I love Greg, and that is why I am committing my life to him.
Not to have a party
not to make my best friends wear matching dresses
not to eat cake or to dance til my feet bleed (you betta believe I'll be last one on the dance floor on my wedding day..HOLLA!)

These are reasons why I am excited for the wedding, but the marriage is what I am most excited about.
That aside...I am totally excited to dance, eat cake, and see all my friend match. : )

And here are some lovelies I ordered yesterday for the Big Day.

Ivory Rose Earrings
Beautiful ivory rose earrings

Grey pumps from Ruche. LOVE them. I am thinking about jazzing them up with some shoe clips or something, those seem to be all the rage. : ) But our colors are grey, yellow, and cream so I thought these were a nice blank canvas to play with.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

To all you brides-to-be out there...where are you in your planning? Is the big day this weekend or 9 months from now...I wanna know!


Dinner idea: Curry chicken and Zucchini

Last night was a rare occasion. I had time to make dinner! When Greg and I live together after we get married things in the dinner department will be a lot easier! We usually end up at his house after work because we carpool and my groceries fall by the way side or are non-existent.

If you are thinking of something to make for dinner tonight here is a simple and tasty recipe!
{Never mind that I cheated and bought pre-marinated meat...}

curry chicken, pan-fried zucchini, and basmati rice

For the zucchini drizzle some EVOO (I know it makes most people think of Rachel Ray...I just think of that scene in Baby Mama and it makes me laugh) in a pan and put it on medium-low heat
Finely chop some garlic...
And red onion

Chop the zucchini is small rounds
When the oil in the pan moves easily around the pan (well heated oil) but does not glide around the pan (oil that is too hot and will burn food quickly) add the garlic and red onion. when they are coated and soft, but not yet brown add the zucchini rounds. If they are cooking too quickly turn heat to low. Cover, but stir occasionally to make sure they brown on all side.

When zucchini is cooked thoroughly and browned on outside take off heat and into a serving bowl.

Curry Chicken

So I'm not gonna lie I cheated and bought the pre-marinated "Curry Chicken Tenders" from Trader Joes,
but there are a lot of good curry chicken recipes out there!

Anyway mine was pre-bought. But boy was it tasty!
If you do happen to go buy the pre-marinated on at Trader Joe's just drizzle a little more EVOO into the pan and heat the oil on medium heat

this particular chicken was packed together, but was a bunch of different "tenders".

So break them up and cook the strips for about 4-5 minutes on each side. I get freaked out about uncooked chicken so when they were cooked on both sides I put the heat on low, covered them and let them simmer until my zucchini and rice were done.

The rice
Pretty easy. Rice cooker if you have one, or I just put 1 cup of rice in with 2 cups of water and let it slowly bowl with a vented lid covering the pot. Checked it twice for readiness and voila...rice. Pepper, salt, and a pad of butter to tast.

This dinner was delicious and healthy! The chicken look breaded and fried in the picture, but it isn't. It is just a yellow-ish color from all the curry! We have unsweetened ice tea (my favorite!!) with lemon to drink and ate outside at the picnic table.

As Greg was praying for dinner he said "Thank you for this meal sitting in the backyard of our future home"

I love this guy! And this picture. Click the link above to view more photos by our amazing friend and artist Paul Robinson.

95 days until I am Mrs. Savannah Horton.