Mr + Mrs DIY pillow cases

Last night my roommate and I set out to tackle some embroidery projects. Some for the wedding and some for after the wedding. : )

We worked on some embroidery hoops for the wedding...I'll post a separate DIY for those. they are pretty easy, and they look really cute!

And there is a post-wedding craft I am working on! MRS. is finished....now for that pesky MR.

  1. Neutral colored pillow cases
  2. embroidery thread
  3. needle
  4. Letter stencils, pattern of pen to free-hand them
 First stencil or free hand your letters on to your pillow. Make sure the letters are big enough to span the whole pillow case. It is fun to experiment on paper different fonts, etc. I decided on a curvy, bold font.

Thread your needle (I usually use only 2 threads of embroidery floss rather than the whole string) and get to work on that pattern!

I use a cross between a chain stitch and back stitch, and it is hard to explain...so HERE are some videos that show you how to do different stitches!

Embroidery that pattern all the way around,tying a knot in your thread at the end in the back.

 Enjoy your newlywed, or monogrammed, or "quote" pillow...what ever you decide to embroider!

Sorry these DIY instructions are not the best, I hope you can follow them! If not contact me!


  1. i favorited this post to add to my rainy day project list. so cute! xoxo

  2. Thanks! You should get a Pintrest account and keep track of all your projects! : )

  3. hey so i am a friend of Megan Furze and Bethany Haley..actually I am Megan's almost sister-in-law...I was wondering if you could make me Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases? There is no way I could even attempt to make them haha. I would definitely pay you!

  4. oh my email is karissa_hansen@yahoo.com or you could just send me a message on facebook