DIY monogram doily tote

***Wedding Spoiler alert***

I am sure you have seen these all over the inter-webs, like Ashley Ann's version, but I am going to share my version. : )  Bridesmaids beware your gift is below...sorry!

  1. Blank canvas tote bag
  2. Large sized doily with circle in the middle
  3. Black (or any color) fabric paint
  4. paint brush
  5. Newspaper or something else to cover your painting surface
Gather your supplies and spread out your painting surface with newspaper or something to protect what you will be painting your tote on. (I needed the scissors because my doily had no center circle so I have to cut one our of paper and tape it on)

Put your doily on your bag, and starting painting the doily. Be careful that your doily doesn't slip around so that the paint only gets in the holes. Also don't add too much paint or the doily will soak through.

When you are done stencil or free-hand something in the middle, I chose an initial since I am giving them as bridesmaids gifts.

Keep it simple with just the initial like I did, or embellish it with buttons, fabric, or smaller doily patterns. Enjoy your new tote bag or make one for a friend!!


  1. very nice you crafty girl!!!!

  2. That is adorable! I want to make one now for myself :)

  3. thanks! It is super easy and cheap! When you make one link it back up to a comment, I want to see it!