My favorite thrift store.

There is a thrift store in town (on Yolanda Ave in Santa Rosa) that is a Goodwill OUTLET. You heard me right, an outlet thrift store. 

Most people call it "The Bins" because literally you are digging through bins of stuff.

There are two sides to this place, with a huge white line running down the middle. The employees yell "EVERYONE TO THE CLOTHING SECTION" and everyone goes to the side of the building with the bins full of clothes...and they swap out the bins full of stuff...

Then they yell "EVERYONE ON THE GOOD SECTION" and people have to stand behind the white line on the goods section while they swap out the clothing bins.

This. Place. Is. Hard. Core. 

Check out those last 2 rules. They aren't joking. People run, and shove, and push, and fight to dig through through these bins to find stuff.

Don't go alone, wear gloves, and don't be afraid to stand your ground.

But you know what? They have the absolute BEST deals in town, they don't pre sort anything so I find amazing vintage treasure every time I am there...and their clothing is $1 A POUND. What the what?!

My latest finds? A vintage mini-carpet bag and vintage mint green suitcase (needs a good cleaning)
for $3.50 total.


  1. there is a goodwill outlet near where i live as well. the stuff you can find is incredible! next time i go, however, i think i will seriously wear a face mask as i always wake up the next day with a little sore throat. the vintage is so worth it, though! xoxo

  2. i need to go there!!!
    i've been looking/searching/hoping for a suitcase or trunk like that!