Your new obsession...you're welcome.

All you crafters/art lovers/home decor enthusiasts...say goodbye to your free time. If you have not already discovered  

 you are about to.

It is invitation only...and I waited with bated breath for my invitation to arrive in my inbox...but I think it is less about exclusivity and more about server power right now, since they are just getting it up and running.

It is amazing! Basically it is like having an ongoing inspiration board at your finger tips. You have a little "pin it" button in your tab header and whenever something on the web inspires you you click "pin it" and it pops up with your different boards and choose which board to "pin it" to. I have boards for home inspiration, books I am reading, wedding stuff, etc. It is so fun and ADDICTING! 
Here are a couple examples I have on my "For the home" Pin Board.

And another one I pinned for my "Wedding Inspiration" board:

Try it, it is hard to explain here...just go check it out for your self!

Also...I shined my sink tonight just like Fly Lady told me to! Only the bathroom sink though...the kitchen sink had too many dishes in it. (But like isn't that the point?!)
Love, Sav


  1. I'm still awaiting my invite to Pinterest. I saw it over on "under the sycamore" a few days ago! Looks so addicting like you said! :)

    Hope I get to start using it soon!

  2. okay i came across your blog through the anderson crew blog ... and you have the cutest ideas ... love your style! have a great day and thanks for sharing!