Spring is here!

  Hello Spring.

I walked in the backyard today to discover a pleasant surprise! Flowers blooming!

Plans for this weekend: planting my Ranuculus flowers that half drowned in last week's storm...

They are just starting to come back after the storms and opening their buds..but a couple days they were a sad sight to see! Laying sideways in the driveway their dirt strewn all around. Haha poor things.
I will also be working on my above ground herb and vegetable garden!! I am so excited. For all you local folks I got this vintage apple crate at Manzana apple Orchard on Green Valley road. They sell old ones for $10 a piece. For those of you who are not local, I pretty much work in the heart of apple country, where Gravenstien apples are grown. So if you find an apple orchard go in and ask about old crates, they will probably be willing to sell you a couple! I am sure any fruit orchard has similar crates though!

Happy planting! Tell me about it...any flower or vegetable planting plans this month?


  1. i want to freshen my windowbox garden with catgrass and bamboo and cacti... really easy care stuff. nothing smells better in the spring than clean windows and fresh dirt! xoxo

  2. I completely agree! Yeah I planted succulents in my window sills in the livingroom...with little cacti...I love them!