Nope, its still funny.

So the good state of California has had the "hand free" cellphone law while driving for about 3 years now, and I thought I would get used to people on their Blue Tooths by now and the humor would go away
It hasn't.

Look who is the proud owner of a new Blue Tooth!! Check him out.
He went through a whole range of emotions on the way home from Best Buy. At first he hated it because he couldn't hear out of one ear and "no one was calling him on it" as if the purchase of a Blue Tooth was a beacon for people to call so you can "test it out". Needless to say he called me while we were in the car together. It works.

Then when we got to my house he walked around the house talking on it. 

Yep, it's still funny.

Love, Sav

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