Future home inspiration

Greg and I are in the process of assessing what we have and getting some new (used) stuff. Before he moves in on August 6th...well probably more like August 7th since we probably won't stay at home the night of the wedding. Buying furniture is hard. And expensive. Here are a couple dream houses of mine that I would love to have...and are working on in my own craft way...but don't have yet.

Home decor and style has always been a big love and inspiration of mine.  
Isn't the white industrial to die for mixed in with country chic? I'm crying. 


Love the deep sink, pears in the windows and butchers block.

Love all the different patterns and colors on the plates. Swoon.
Love the wallpaper. 

I have collected a few pieces that I love, like my vintage mint green filing cabinet, my great-grandmother's hand embroidered 50 state (plus state bird, flower, capital, and year founded) quilt, vintage table, and large dark wood bookcase.

It will happen and I will make my house my home one day...but for now I dream. Of country chic mixed with eclectic vintage pieces. 

Love, Sav

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