A night on the town

I live in Sonoma County, about 45 minutes from San Francisco, but I hardly ever venture into the "big city". Last Greg's roommate took us out to dinner and then we hit up an old fashion 1920's saloon before heading home. It was so much fun!

If you are ever searching for a place in San Francisco to go for drinks, this place is worth checking out!
It's on the corner of Columbus and Pacific in San Fran

It had beautiful dark wood tables, a pretty small place, but they open up another room for busier nights, we just happened to go on a Monday night.

The decor was a style that I absolutely love! Apothecary bottles lined the huge hutch, which was the focal point of the bar. That upstairs room had a live Jazz singer who had a beautiful, soaring voice. Even the bathrooms had 1920's style medicine bags that held the extra toilet paper.

My cute date...swoon.