DIY dinner party/wedding menus

Alright so obviously these are for my wedding, but they are definitely a cute dinner party idea too!

  1. Library due date cards (i bought mine at  Knot & Bow on Etsy)
  2. Helvetica letter stamps (Michael's)
  3. Black stamp pad
  4. Due date stamp (bought on Amazon.com)
  5. Black pen 
Decide how you want your menu to look. I wanted MENU big at the top with the date of the event (Aug 06 2011 - my wedding) on the side under: Due Date)
Using stamp pad stamp each letter individually in the desired spot, add the date of the event with your due date stamp.

Below I created a sample menu, but in actuality all my menus are still blank, cause who knows what will happen with the catering!

*Sorry I used a crappy one that I was going to toss*
Enjoy your beautiful and unique menus and impress your friends with your DIY skillz. : )

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  1. such a cute idea. i am helping my bff with her wedding, i think she will love this idea! i can't wait to show her!