A picture is worth a thousand words

Especially on your wedding day. All the emotions, the family coming from all over to celebrate, friends you haven't seen in years. There is SO much that happens that why not have someone awesome and fabulous and most importantly TALENTED capture those moments?

Below are some photographers that I love and most of them I know personally.

{Lang Photographers}

The Langs. Their blog is amazing (and hilarious), their photography is even better.

They are located in Arizona, but love to travel. : )

Check them out HERE

{Whitney Darling Photography}

She is located in Orange County and is one of the sweetest gals I have had the priviledge to meet! We were on the same hall freshman year of college. She just had her own adorable wedding last year.
Here pictures make me swoon.

Check her out: HERE

{Keith Swafford Photography}

A great friend and talented photographer. He is located right here in Sonoma County, Wine country.
He has a great eye and from getting ready to leaving with rice in your hair each moment will be captured with skill and creativity.

Check him out: HERE

And a shout out to my friend Dalton Abshire Jr
You can find him on Facebook HERE

There are so many options out there when picking a photographer. In my mind it is one of the most important aspects of the day. Here is a list of things to consider when picking a photographer:

  1. Style. Don't choose a "smiel and pose for the camera" photographer when you are dying for a photojournalistic montage of your big day. You will be dissapointed.

Price. There photographers out there that will charge an arm and a leg because it is a wedding. However photography is something that you don't want to chince on. It is a skill and a trade and as the fiance of a freelancer I can tell you that putting a value and price on a skill and art is hard to do! Pay for quality and skill, but make sure you feel comfortable staying within a budget. There are a lot of affordable options out there that will give you amazing photos.

Comfort and rapor. You will be spending more time with this person than almost anyone else at the wedding...with the exception of you adroable Groom! Make sure you feel comfortable with them taking pictures as you...eek...getting ready. A photographer should be flexible and professional. At the same time, let them give you pointers. They are the professional and they have the creative eye. Things will go much smoother if you yield to their suggestions, while still holding your ground in terms of pictures you want taken. You will find the picture process will go quicker when you let them direct you on where to stand, which way to turn and who should stand next to who.

Don't settle. Everyone and their mother is or knows a photographer. DO NOT feel bad saying no to Aunt Betty's neighbor's girl who takes a photography class at the JC. In 10 years you will have bad photos and regret that you didn't hire a professional or a trusted friend. It will be cheaper to hire a friend, but don't do it to save a friendship. Bad wedding photos and the resentment that follows will put a whole lot more strain on the relationship, I guarantee!!

Hope this helps! Our drawn out (thanks broken computer!) series is almost over. Tomorrow is the last:

DIY for the Budget Bride.
what to do yourself and what to pay someone to do for you!

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