Hello, my name is Savannah...

I don't know if we have met before, but my name is Savannah. Oh wait we HAVE met? It is has just been FOREVER since I posted anything? Hmm...

Sorry folks.

Pictures of new livingroom and new projects coming soon.
Here is a little peak at what I have been up to lately...

Breakfast at Midnight

w/ homemade vanilla sugar...DIY coming soon!

we fed like 30 people!

pancake batter.

Wedding Stuff

Invitations are finally...finally done! It was a labor of love stamping, typewriter typing, designing (Greg), cutting, gluing, twine-ing, stuffing, stamping. But they are in the mail.

I am attempting to copy a cute set of bird cake toppers I saw online using felt, tulle, and vintage sewing patterns. Haha...we'll see.

At our church was have to make a board to give info about my church bridal shower and wedding date.
This is what I came up with. A little Hodge Podge, but I like it!

Our first home...in progress

New living room! More house pics coming this weekend! Greg will move in August after the wedding and I don't care how 1950's housewife it sounds...I am preparing the house for my husband! : )


Cheesecake frozen yogurt with slivered almonds, chocolate sauce and cheesecake chunks. Yum!

Have a wonderful week. I will blog more I promise. I have been pulled in a million different directions lately!

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  1. Savannah, that living room is fantastic. LOVE the filing cabinet. Greg is one lucky dude!