{A few wedding purchases}

So some of you may be thinking...has she called off the engagement? There is little to no wedding posts or talk on this here blog these days.
Don't worry...the wedding is still on. Haha. On like Donkey Kong.
I have a few reasons for this...
1. I am a busy lady these days...
{bible study}
{bikini bootcamp}
Wedding planning usually falls by the wayside

Another (big) reason is because although I am going out of my mind excited and cannot WAIT to be Mrs. Horton I don't want it to become an obsession or idol.
I love Greg, and that is why I am committing my life to him.
Not to have a party
not to make my best friends wear matching dresses
not to eat cake or to dance til my feet bleed (you betta believe I'll be last one on the dance floor on my wedding day..HOLLA!)

These are reasons why I am excited for the wedding, but the marriage is what I am most excited about.
That aside...I am totally excited to dance, eat cake, and see all my friend match. : )

And here are some lovelies I ordered yesterday for the Big Day.

Ivory Rose Earrings
Beautiful ivory rose earrings

Grey pumps from Ruche. LOVE them. I am thinking about jazzing them up with some shoe clips or something, those seem to be all the rage. : ) But our colors are grey, yellow, and cream so I thought these were a nice blank canvas to play with.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

To all you brides-to-be out there...where are you in your planning? Is the big day this weekend or 9 months from now...I wanna know!


  1. my big day is 93 days away (does that sound familar)...I am done with all the big stuff. and just working on the details. and Getting the bills to the people who are helping us pay for things. Any crazy stories from wedding planning yet. I know I have a few; I want to hear yours!

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