Attire and Accessories - Where to look

One of the biggest hurdles you come to with a wedding is:

The Dress.

But once you jump that hurdle, you think whew that's over! Until the week before the big day and you're freaking out, what do I wear WITH The Dress that will compliment but not take away from?

Here I am to help! I have compiled a couple of go-to Etsy and online shops for you to find those perfect accessorized and extras for your day.

Here are a couple shops to check out for that Vintage/Indie look:

Beautiful, unique necklaces

Stunning head pieces

I am in love with these shoes.


I look terrible in bird cage veils...but all my vintage glam loving sisters out there, this is a beautiful option.

I'm going for something more like this. Very Duchess Catherine.
My go to place ofr unique and affordable accessories
Ivory cream rose post stud earrings free shipping
Dainty and feminine ivory rose earrings
buy them here

Don't settle for a run of the mill fluffy white garter. Buy something one-of-a-kind and handmade

Rosebud Lips Sunshine Sass garter.
Buy it here
And match me...it's the one I bought. : )

I hope this has helped point you in the right direction of accessories that are classic and you.

Stay tuned for Maid and Men up next!


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