DIY party stir sticks

Having a party? How about a wedding? These bad boys will be the perfect icing on the cake to tie your party decor together. Simple, fun, and cheap to make.

  1. Heavy cardstock
  2. Small wooden stir sticks or I got "Woodsies" from Micahels. : )
  3. Hot glue gun + extra glue sticks
  4. 1' or 1 1/2' round or scalloped paper punch
  5. Mini letter stamps (dollar bin at Michael's) or any small stamps

First make tons of little cut outs in your card stock with your round paper cutter. I got the 1' scalloped paper punch from Marth Stewart. $9.99

When you are satisfied with the number of stir stick tops, stop. Paper can be addicting and I advise you to only make as many as you need...you will very soon find yourself sitting in a pile of scalloped 1' paper punches. Anyway...

With your letter stamps stamp out cute or funny phrases onto your stir stick tops.

Put a small dot of hot glue on the stick at the top, and stick your stir stick topper to it.


Enjoy all your little stir sticks...there are so many phrases you can stamp onto them to make them unique!

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