The Thriving Garden

Alright folks, you know all that about having a black thumb and how I am trying to dispprove the obvious by planting, growing, and keeping alive a thriving garden?

Well...in most regards I failed miserably.

My mini-greenhouse dried out

My beautiful white and yellow ranuculus died

My succulents are on their last leg


My vegetable garden is thriving! Don't ask me how...ok well I planted them in really good soil.

 What are those green things sticking out the top of my gardening box?
Could those be healthy, thriving squash plant leaves?

A little birds-eye view.

And a close up. Haha, I am proud...can you tell?

Romaine! Salad time!

It's funny I am so not used to gardening so this whole week I have been like " I have chicken, pasta, but no salad mix! I am going to have to run to the store before dinner."

Umm hello dummy! You have beautiful romaine lettuce leaves growing in your backyard!

What are you growing this year and have you seen the fruits of your labor yet?


  1. Looks good! How long has it been going? It looks big. I have 3 boxes and they are full of veggies right now. I am doing (takes long breath...) sage, chives, stevia, onions, beets, bell peppers, spinach, crookneck squash, snow peas, hot peppers, zucchini, green beans, Bibb and Salad lettuce, dill, mint, oregano, basil and tomotoes! Nothing better than eating dinner straight from your back yard. Good luck!

  2. well done! sometimes plants do their best when left to themselves to let nature take care of them with the sun and rain. my catgrass is doing well again this year... time to cut it down any day now.


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