{Renegade Craft Fair 2011}

I have to admit...I had never been to a Renegade Craft Fair before, something has always come up that has prevented me from going...
Like work, or you know my bridal shower

But this year I went, and boy was I happy I did!
I was way to excited to take decent pictures so forgive me in advance.

There were so many people there...and so many lovelies to see! I had to do a lap just to take in everything before I even decided to buy anything

Greg say tons of things he wanted to too, mostly made out of wood and leather. He saw some amazing t-shirts too.

He is so much taller than me I love it!

Cute sign by the photo booth! So many people in line we never got to get our pictures taken! : (

Moleskin notebook holders

So many gorgeous prints!

So here is what I ended up coming home with. Believe me there were TONS of things I wanted, but we couldn't really afford even $15 worth of stuff since we drove an 1 1/2 to even get there

We have a "nautical" wall in our house so I am going to frame it and stick it up there with the rest
It was right in my price range ($10 woot woot) and a perfect print to remember my fabulous time in the city!

Thank you Renegade see you in the summer time!

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