The Great Scarfament Swap!

So about a month ago Danielle from Take Heart Blog  hosted a Scarf-ament Swap...Which is exactly what it sounds like

A Scraf
and an
Ornament Swap

I was pretty excited, because I always love interacting with other blogging gals!

I was paired up with Kait from
{BTdubs...check out her blog...so cute!}

She sent the most versatile and comfy scarf, I wear it pretty much everyday!!

{Hello Grey & Yellow}

The ornament she sent fits perfectly on our tree and matches a lot of our existing ornaments.

{Gold Birdie}

I love the blogging community, there is so much potential for friendship, encouragement and just being able to relate to each other! 



  1. Agreed. Bloggers make the world a better place :) x

  2. thank you so much for playing along! love the scarf and ornament that you were gifted :) merry christmas, my friend!

  3. SO glad you like it! I am blogging about the wonderful gifts you gave me right now! Happy Weekend!!!

  4. Cute! Love the scarf! She did good :)

  5. What a pretty scarf! And a lovely blog too! So glad I stumbled upon it through Danielle's blog.