DIY vintage inspired painted tray

I am so excited to share this DIY with you!

 It was super-duper fun to make and I am giving it as a Christmas present.

1. Wooden candle or breakfast tray

2. stencils

3. paint + paintbrush

This is how the tray started out...so cheesy! Haha I got it for $3 in the bargain bin at our local Christian bookstore

Give it a nice base coat. I used white + a couple dots of "cocoa"

Don't do this unless you want paint in your coffee..whoops.

Wait until the paint dries completely!! I know I get impatient too, but watch something on netflix while it dries...it helps. Or start another project in the meantime...I mean I don't do that Greg...you know I only do one project at once and ALWAYS clean up after myself. *wink*

{I used the Martha Stewart Stencils again - find them here}

My finished stencil. Vintage inspired flowers.

I like the yellow dots I added. No I didn't free hand them...I free hand nothing, they were also a stencil

I want to keep it. I love it. But alas one lucky lady in my life will be receiving it for Christmas.

I am not in a very giving spirit today. I went to the GAP and bought some stuff (thank daddio!) and the cashier asked me "will you be needing a gift receipt today?"
Sheepishly I answer..."oh, yeah no...these are for me"

Only TWO more days til Christmas...I can hardly contain my excitment!!

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