DIY Christmas Decor

Next Week is all about Holiday DIYs. 

There are all simple and cost almost nothing, so don't worry about running out to Michaels to stock up, just improvise with craft supplies you already have!

{Clothespin Card Holder}

{Styrofoam Wreath}

{Plastic Ring Ornaments}

{Doily Gift Tags}

{Hand-Crafted Gifts (that they will actually like!!)}

There will be one a day next week M-F so don't miss it!

Send me any of your DIY ideas that would want to share here!


  1. I so want to do a Styrofoam wreath! Can't wait to read the posts this week!

  2. You're cute. :) You have inspired me to craft a bit this holiday season! I did an advent calendar (with clothespins)... it's "totes" simple, but I am so non-crafty I was proud! Can't wait to read next week! xoxoxo