DIY gifts and a guest post!

A lot of people are afraid to give handmade gifts on account they don't want to be "that friend"
but there are tons of gifts to give that are thoughtful, simple and actually LIKED by the recipient!

I have Lauren from {LIVING LOVED} with me today all the way from Australia to share a handmade gift!

-Gift numero uno-

Hand stamped notepads

1. Mod Podge
2. Card stock cut to the desired length and width
3. Stamps - letters and a design


1. Stamp each sheet with the same pattern - I did a "to-do" list with dots down the side to write next to

2. Put the card stock in a pile with all edges aligned and put a swipe of mod podge or glue on the outside edge of the top to create a pad of paper that they can rip off to go to the next sheet

3. Put in between two heavy books until dry

4. Enjoy!


-Gift numero dos-

Lauren from {LIVING LOVED}'s Cookies in a Jar

Hello! I'm Lauren from Living Loved and Savannah asked me to share something about home made gifts with you! I'm not usually that crafty... But this Christmas I've gone craft crazy (and i'm loving every minute). As gifts for my close girlfriends this year, I decided to do a little something that was both adorable and cheap to put together! I got the recipe for my 'Christmas Cookies in a Jar' from {Bakerella} and changed the m&m's and choc chips to just red and green m&ms... I then bought some cheap Christmas fabric and placed it over the top of the jar. To finish, I attached a label that said what to add to the mix before baking, to print click  here and here. These were an absolute hit with my friends!  :)

Bottom layer: 1 1/3 cup all purpose flour (+ 1tsp baking powder, 1tsp baking soda, & 1/4 tsp salt)
2nd layer: 1 Cup cookingoats
3rd layer: 3/4 Cup red & green M&Ms
4th layer: 1/2 brown sugar (packed)

Top layer: 1/2 cup white sugar

To bake, beat butter,vanilla, & egg until combined then add dry ingredients from Jar.
Bake for 10 minuted at 350.

Here are Lauren's a-dorable labels - for those of us Americans, 115g of butter is equivalent to 3/4 Cup

In an email I jokingly told Lauren to send me a "Cookies in Jar", when lo and behold the VERY NEXT day, I received my very own from a friend...and I already made the cookies...YUM! They are good!

Different look, same great taste! The oats look like a great addition!

Thank you so much Lauren! Go check out her blog Living Loved for more inspiration!

-Gift numero tres-

The last gift is one near and dear to my heart!  It can be found for sale at my new Etsy Shop
Hand stenciled tin, wood, or glass is a great handmade gift.

1. Vintage TV tray tin
2. Word stencils 
3. Paint
4. Sponge brush (the best for stenciling, in my opinion)

Step 1: lay down stencil where you want them to go

Step 2: sponge paint on top of stencil

Step 3: Peel off stencils - voila! 

There you go, 3 wonderfully and handmade gifts a friend would love to get! No crocheted cat sweaters or yarn doilies here!

Link up with your own homemade Christmas gifts!!

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