Grocery bags turned wrapping paper

I love wrapping gifts. 
I'll admit it...I love making the perfect little creases in the thin paper and trying to use as little tape as possible. The options for  gift wrap accessories are endless


{Be still my beating heart}

This year I decided to make all our wrapping paper, due to $$ (and the lack of it!) and also because I felt like I couldn't find any paper I was in love with this year.

  1. Brown paper grocery bags
  2. Stamps of your choice
  3. Stamp pad 
  4. tape + scissors
  5. Embellishments to adorn the gift!

First start by removing the handles very carefully as not to rip the bags

Cut down one of the side crease and around the bottom of the bag, discarding the bottom piece

Stamp away! I did a recurring pattern, but a scene of some sort would work too, or alternating stamps

I used a library to stamp Dec 25 2011

measure the paper with your gift and wrap like you would any other present, the bags are thicken than regular wrapping paper so you might need more tape or heavy-duty tape.

Add your little extras, gift tags or stamp their names directly on the paper!

This one is for my brother, he is 10.

For the sister

For the hubby.

I loved the way my wrapping paper turned out! It felt good on the pocketbook and it felt good to re-use those paper bags I have shoved in our hallway dresser.

As always link up with your own gift wrap idea posts!

11 days til Christmas!


  1. Great idea! I actually bought a roll of postal paper (it looks just like brown paper bags) from the Dollar Tree and it's lasted me a long time to wrap presents! I am making bows out of twine, and embellishing with a little greenery. Love it!