Tuesday night "crowded house"

Every Tuesday night Greg and I and some wonderful friends get together, prepare and eat dinner together, and then we have a small bible study. Last night we were finishing up James and it had such good reminders and lessons that we ended up talking about the last section even after the bibles had closed and the yummy cake Natasha baked was being eaten. We celebrated Chad's new job at Sebastopol Hardware. Goodbye Target!

Congrats Chad on your new job!

 I love getting together Tuesday nights to connect with friends and live in community with  each other. I love community. I always have. I have always had a dream that my house would overflow with people and guests. (My mom can atest to the fact that at one point in my life I wanted TWELVE children.) I love entertaining, hosting, and making people feel welcome and at home. I have long decided that although I don't want a huge house I always want to have a guest room or a pull out couch (or at least a comfy one) for people to come and stay. For missionaries to stay when they come to visit our church, or for out of town guests or family.

How do you invest in the lives of the people around you?

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