Roomates, family, and friends...oh my!

I want to take this time to introduce a couple important people in my life. I love them.

This of course is the wonderful Boyfriend. I think the polar bear hat suits him. : ) You can find his blog here.
This is one of my fabulous roommates and partner in crime. Watch out.
The third member of my household and also coincidentally a member of my family. My little sister, who as you can tell was super psyched about this picture being taken. : )
 And here is the whole fam.
You will probably hear me talk about all these people (and more...) and it is always nice to put faces and names together. Like salt and pepper.

Caroline the Christmas banner tutorial will be up in a jiffy. 


  1. you have a blog?!?!?!? wow you learn something new every day

  2. I JUST made it like 2 days ago! So you aren't like way out of the loop. : ) But yes I do.