Christmas in July & yarn wreath tutorial

It is 80 degrees here in Sonoma County today, but that didn't stop me from making Christmas decorations! Here is a SIMPLE tutorial for a yarn wreath. I am sure you have seen these EVERYWHERE, but here is how mine turned out, I am pretty please with it. : )


  1. Hot Glue gun
  2. Low temp foam glue sticks (the regular ones with melt the Styrofoam)
  3. A Styrofoam ring from any craft store (usually located with the fake flowers)
  4. Yarn of your choice (I picked Vanna's Choice in Charcoal)
  5. Embellishments - optional (I picked poinsettia flowers)

Flip your ring over (mine was easy because it was flat on one side, but if yours is round then it doesn't matter which side!) and hot glue the end of the yarn to the back of your ring...

Now here is the fun part...wrap that yarn around and around and around...

When you are done hot glue (you can use regular now if you want, or the low temp since it is probably still in your glue gun) your embellishments to the yarned ring. I decided to go pretty simple with mine, you might want to fill the whole thing with flowers...go nuts! It Christmas after all.

Hang up and ENJOY!


  1. Hey I like this! I like that it's not really busy, nice and simple and classy :) very cute!
    <3 ali

  2. I always wanted to know how to make these!! very cute!!!Thanks!