I was wrong.

I didn't (and won't be...sorry!!) posting the easiet DIY in the world this week because I forgot my camera cord to upload the pictures. Boo. I know. But next week, you have my word (which after 2 times promising and NOT delivering sounds a lot like a work-a-holic father promising to toss around the baseball after just ONE more call to the office...I know...I'm sorry) It will be up as soon as I get home. In other news I hung out with Greg's grandma Marj today and she showed me how to sew a pattern and I am making a dress..woot woot. I am pretty bad at it and the dress it looking funnn-ky. But the fabric is adorable, so I hope that distracts people from the uneven stiches and uneven hem lines. : )

I have PARTY PICS coming from Christmas at my house last week and also sewing the Marj-ster. Stay tuned!

Love, Sav

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