Christmas today and tomorrow...and then NO MORE CHRISTMAS!

I love Christmas, I really do. All the yummy baked goods and food, the presents and celebrating Christ's birth. All WONDERFUL things, especially celebrating the birth of Christ! But...I am always a little relieved when it is over. I have been running around like a mad woman accomplishing christmasy crafts, and cards, and parties...all before the 17th this year cause we were headed down to have Christmas with the Hortons. : ) 

So like the title says, I will share a Christmas post today, a Christmas roadtrip/Horton extravaganza tomorrow and then we will be done. Deal? Deal. 

A Couple of party pics:

Those YUM trivets can be found here with Ashley's DIY, it is how I made mine too. : )
Roommate love, cups are wrong. BS is right.

So many things coming up this week! Stay tuned for Christmas Roadtrip extravaganza tomorrow and Christmas with the Hortons. Also sewing with Marj, the newest member of my family (I almost cried when I saw her for the first time), the simplest DIY in the world (finally right!), and P/30 Restaurant dinner. Yum.

Love, Sav

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