Felt cup coozie tutorial

So I saw this ADORABLE felt cup coozie + cup at Starbucks that I wanted so bad! I thought I don't have enough money for this I can totally make this myself! So here I go...

Starbucks Inspiration 
My version
I like Starbucks version better, but I was pretty please with how mine turned out. : )

  1. Cup with no handle (I got mine from IKEA)
  2. Felt (Got mine at Beverly's)
  3. Big button (Beverly's)
  4. Needle + thread
  5. Scrissors
  6. Hairband or anything else black and stretchy!
Gather your materials

    Measure your felt around the cup you are going to be using and cut it accordingly. (make sure to leave a little bit of an over lap, don't cut it exactly to fit.
    Tie a knot in your hairband and cut a slit in one end of your felt about an inch from the end. Fee the hairband through the bottom of the slit.
    Measure your felt again and mark where the end of felt overlaps. Sew a button to the opposite end of the felt from your hairband where your mark is.
    Enjoy your new homemade cup coozie! Next time I would find heather grey felt instead of navy blue, because it makes my hairband look brown. : ( But nonetheless a pretty cute version of the starbucks one!

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