Being a husband is hard work.

Why yes, yes I did drag that Christmas tree out of my living room down the driveway and wrestle it into the yard waste can. They won't take it away, by the way but NOT being, in fact, a REAL husband I of course did not know that.

My roommates and I work together to clean the house, buy household items, etc but because my parent's are my landlords I feel an obligation and responsibility to do the dirty, "husband" work around the house.

I change lightbulbs, and pay the bills (my roommates pay me their portions of course), haul christmas trees to the street, dump dirty vaccumm bags, move furniture, put the trash cans out, clean out the fridge, fix the hot water heater, you get the picture.

Let the record show that when I get married I will bake and clean and do laundry and be all domestic, but I will not wrestle an 7ft Douglas Fir into the yard waste can down the driveway only to discover it still sitting there in the morning daring me to haul it out again and find SOMETHING to do with it. Not to mention all the nettles it dropped.

Anyway props to all you husbands and men in general out there. Women can do the work you do, but we certainly would rather you do it.


  1. That is hilarious. Is it too late to get the boy/girl scouts to pick it up? I think they compete over them.

  2. You certaintly do more than me pertaining to a tree! Agree!