Christmas Tradition-Baking with momma.

 My favorite Christmas Tradition.

My family doesn't have a lot of Christmas Traditions. My mom being a nurse and my dad being a fireman means that one or both could be gone for Christmas Eve, Christmas day or both! This has had a lot of downs, but also some pretty neat and unexpected ups. : ) It means we don't take ourselves too seriously around this time. We flex with schedules and rearrange shopping trips and dinners to be together as a family and celebrate each other when we can! Since Greg and I will be spending Christmas with his WONDERFUL family again this year, there has been even more flexing and rearranging to fit everything we need to do before we leave in. But one tradition that I look forward to every year and is baking with my mom. Like I said, we flex, so sometimes it is the week of Christmas and we are scrambling to toss cookies and fudge into cellophane at the eleventh hour, but this (like so many years before it) was a nice relaxing 2 weeks before. We took our time. We made thumbprints and sugar cookies and peanut butter balls and mint chocolate cupcakes. And we didn't even stress or break a sweat, but we did make a heck of a mess. Thank goodness we weren't baking at MY house my dad works 48 hours at a time...like I said it has it's ups too. : )

p.s I used butter and not shortening. ; )

I used an amazing recipe out of a vintage cookbook called "The American Woman's Cookbook" given to us by an elderly neighbor before she passed away that she had gotten as a wedding gift! So precious. I'm gonna shoot straight with you though there is a recipe in it for how to properly cook a turtle. I thinks I will stick to the cookie recipes in it.

Remember I said i would share the successes AND failures. Failure. i literally forgot about these and found them when I put the cupcakes in the oven. The picture does not give their burnt and unappealing-ness justice. They were burnt.


I Shared my favorite tradition...what's yours?

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