Portland in Pictures.

The Mr. and I decided to kick it a little closer to home for our Honeymoon and spend most of our money on a bangin' hotel. Total worth it. Totally recommend it! And hey...now his parents are taking us to Cabo so we didn't really miss out on the exotic (is Cabo exotic?! haha) beach aspect. 

We instantly fell in love with The City of Roses and I kid you not we looked at rentals and jobs there while on our honeymoon! But fret not we are not packing up and moving anytime soon, we just have many plans to go back there for vacations and get-a-ways!

Our honeymoon in Instagram.

The Nines - Portland.

Every night our hotel served free gourmet dessert. We never skipped free dessert - ever.

This is how pretty much every morning started at Public Domain Coffee

Many afternoons were lazily spend browsing in Powell's bookstore - the largest in North America.

Adorable home "how-to" book from homemade wine and brewing to how to raise chickens and goats.

Little Big Burger

A trip to the Chinese Tea Garden in China Town.

Voodoo Doughnuts of course.

We would just walk around the city until we found a shop or coffee place or restaurant we wanted to try. We spent the better part of an afternoon browsing Anthropologie and Sur La Table across the street.

Amazing pour-over coffee again at Public Domain

Is it normal to be so in love with paper?


I love this man to the moon and back and can't wait for the rest of our married adventures!

Please do me a big favor and plan a trip to Portland...It is amazing and relaxing and just completely wonderful!

A lot of people ask " how was the honeymoon?!" and I think the best way to respond would be:
It was like the best Saturday morning stretched out over an entire week.

Waking up late, getting coffee, walking around in the city, staying up late, eating dinner our, getting cockatial.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?


  1. I'm from Portland and I love it! Isn't Powell's the absolute best?? I'm glad you enjoyed the Rose City. :-)

  2. i think you guys SHOULD move to portland! and be careful in cabo - that's where i bruised a rib. just DON'T go snorkeling there...it's super ghetto. :)

  3. This post made me miss Portland so so so much! If it weren't for my military husband, I would have never left. It makes me happy to hear about your trip.