Dresser: Before and After

Greg came into this marriage with very little in the way of furniture. Me of course being the crazy wife I am re-painted the only piece of furniture he brought.

Men never win do they?

Here is the old dresser...I forgot to take a picture of it with drawers IN. By the time I remembered they were already painted and sitting out in the sun to dry. Oops!

This dresser is actually in really great shape, and was used by Greg's mom 26 years ago when Greg was just a baby (see diaper changing bumper on top of dresser) so it is a quality vintage piece.

The problem is it had outdated drawer pulls, and Child Greg had put stickers all over it with ghosts on them that said "boo!"
While cute, not suitable for our new newlywed bedroom. There is nothing sexy about ghost stickers.

Anyway my parents had a 1/2 gallon of paint left over from painting their living room in a gorgeous shade of eggshell/off-white and I bought a couple packs of $5.99 drawer pulls at Target.

Here she is now! And for a measly $12 I brought her into the 21st century without compromising any of the original design or vintage quality.

It will also be helpful when we have a little Hortling of our own and we need somewhere to change them. : ) And the can put their own stickers all over it and the cycle continues.

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