Greg's choice...Bread Pudding.

Greg has this thing where he will become obsessed with something and will learn about it/eat it/drink it/watch it until he finds something new to cleave to. It is one thing I find so endearing about him.

I often hear him saying things like "This is the best _blank_ that I have ever had! Let's buy a flat of this at Costco"

I swear this guy is one Costco flat away from turning our guest room into a stock house of Peace Tea and Mexican Fruit Popsicles (just 2 of his current favs)

So he has been obsessing over bread pudding lately so I figured this was an easy one to make happen for him. So here is my recipe!

*DISCLAIMER - you have to let the bread soak in the mixture for 1/2 hour and it has to cook in a water bath*
These are things I would like to know before starting a recipe. : ) Just in case I don't have time or don't have the knowledge of how to do something.

1. 3 cups whole milk (I used 1% and it was fine)
2. 3/4 cups milk
3. 4 large eggs
4. 1 tsp vanilla
5. 1/4 tsp grated nutmeg
6. 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
7. 5-6 cups of stale (not hard, I left mine uncovered on the counter for about 8 hours) ripped into 11/2 inch cubes
8. Raisins (optional, I did not use)

I used individual ramekins so I set my measured bread aside in a large bowl. If you are doing it one large ramekin, then line bottom of the ramekin with the bread.

Add all other ingredients to a large bowl

Whisk ingredients well until fully combined and the sugar doesn't feel "grainy" on the bottom

Add liquid to the bowl (or large ramekin) on top of the bread. Using a spatula or large spoon push the bread down into the liquid until all bread absorbs liquid. 

Leave bread and liquid alone for 1/2 hour pushing bread down into liquid occasionally to make sure it absorbs correctly -This would be a good time to PRE-HEAT oven to 350

If using individual ramekins spoon the pudding into each ramekin equally making sure not to overfill, as they will puff up in the oven

Place large cookie sheet in the oven and pour hot tap water into sheet, filling it just enough to add ramekin(s) without it spilling over.

Set timer to 50-55 minutes

When finished the bread pudding should be puffy and slightly brown on top.

And smell so good you have to have one before Greg even comes home from work...wha?

Serve along side vanilla ice cream, a fruit compote or alone. 

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