A Mini house tour

So finally after a month of being married and Greg moving in we have finally started to make everything feel like OUR home and not just my home. I know that was something that was hard for Greg when he moved in after the wedding, the feeling like he was just spending the night at my house, cause I have lived in this house for a year with one of my sister's and my best friend.

So we decided to spend our labor day doing just that...laboring over cleaning the house and making the house feel like home. I wanted to share some pictures with you of some of my particular favorite spots in the house.

Living room. Don't mind the glare coming off the wall...my camera is out of commission and the only lens I have is a zoom lens which gives me pictures of about 1/3 of my living room even with my back against the back wall. iphonography will have to do until I get a new lens!

The perfect marriage of industry and crafting. Old WWII canisters from Greg's dad and my vintage egg basket filled with yarn.

My Anthropologie inspired TV stand display. The white vintage owls were a gift from my great-grandmother before she passed away. She was an owl FREAK. She had an entire hutch full of them, I snagged a couple amazing vintage pieces before it because trash. 

Again sorry for the crappy iphone shot...but I love this shelf in our house! We both don't like clutter, but we also have a tiny house and a lot of stuff...so this gives us an opportunity to display it nicely without it looking kitchy and cluttered. Thank you IKEA.

Here is another one of my favorite pieces in the house. Again we have a tiny house with no storage, so we decided to invest in some glass containers to keep rice, beans, flour, etc in and have it look nice enough to sit out on a shelf and not have to be hidden in a cupboard...which would not be a possibility with our limited space. We also had huge bags of spices from when I went to Morocco that we needed to do something with so we went to our local spice shop and loaded up on some cheap glass containers. 

You are probably noticing a theme here...tons of open storage. That is just the way it is around these parts! It is a bit intimidating because it forces up to be cleaner. We can't just shove stuff in drawers or cupboards! 

Here is a terrible picture of our dinning room. The table and chairs were $130 from IKEA. Booyah.

Greg & Savannah. We are currently working on a His & Hers hobby room. The biggest room in our house is a converted garage turned into our dinning room/hobby room. One half is a table and chairs seen above and one half is a crafting/design workshop. Will post pictures soon. 

Last but not least our guestroom/office. The quilt was made by my great-grandmother in the 60's. It is a hand embroidery quilt featuring a square for each of the states along with state flower, bird, capital and year it became a state. I cannot imagine how long it must of taken, but it is one of my "grab if there was a fire" treasures. We have a lot of "slash" rooms in our house because have I mentioned our house is tiny? : ) But on a serious note we are beyond blessed to be living in this amazing house  as poor newlyweds and we love every little square inch of it!

And the office portion of the quest room. Still a work in progress, but I am working on making a big calendar to be hung on the clipboard so I can keep all of our appointments/weddings/babyshowers/birthday parties/etc straight! I am loving Emily's idea of color coding the members of her family and her free calendar template download is fab! Since there are only currently 2 people living in the house and Greg is pretty easy to keep track of so I am not sure I am in a place in my life where color coding is necessary...but it is just so fun!

No pictures of our bedroom yet I'm sorry. It is super boring right now. Grey walls, white bed spread with grey pillows. I pretty much took all the wall art out of every room to be hung in the living room for the wall collage so our room is extra boring right now. It is a work in progress and pictures will be up soon when it is completed! I love a good productive weekend!

What did y'all do for Labor Day? I hope you didn't clean like we did!

Love, Sav

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  1. I love that quilt! Take some more pics of it up close, document it, just in case! Plus, so I can see my favorite states. ;) My great-grandma quilted and my mom is crazy-talented in the way of the Q as well; I have some "grab if there's a fire" pieces, too. I wish I had the patience to make some for others, too! Such love and ability in them.