..This week's goals..


*This week I promise to be more inspired and inspiring...I have been a dud lately and I apologize.
*This week, on Tuesday I am sharing the last What the Crock?! feature and it is going to be pulled pork. Yum! (I will start a new recipe/food series in March)
*This week I am going to share a DIY picture frame photo...simple and beautiful.
*This week I am going to inventory my home and register for some new stuff!
*This week I am going to spend more time in God's word and be diligent about preparing my bible study lesson for Thurday night SIS (sisters in scripture)
*This week I will think more about Greg than our wedding. 
*This week I will relax more and stress less (we'll see about the validity of this one by the end of the week!)
*This week I will plan more blog posts that are helpful and inspiring.

What are your goals for the week? Let accomplish stuff together! : )
Love, Sav

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