DIY Clothespin Organizer

I absolutely love to organize things. Saying that, I am not the kind of person who can organize without specific tools to help me accomplish my organizational goals. For example I could not just on my own decide to organize my MESS of shoes in my closet, but if I had a shoe organizer those puppies would be straight and tidy.
So I was needing to organize my life, as it were, and I couldn't find an organizational tool that was going to help me reach my organizational goal. So I made one myself! It is a small step, but it helps a lot! Enjoy.

 Why yes, yes that is a Disneyland ticket that is blocking my view of my "cleaning assignments", how convenient.

  • Mini clothespins
  • Fun colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Letter stickers or label maker
  • Hot glue gun
First pick a spot in your house that is seen a lot by you but not so much by guests. Or at least a spot where a to do list doesn't look out of place to guests, like a chalkboard or whiteboard or family calendar spot. 
Mine just so happens to be hot glued to the back of my bedroom door, it is the perfect spot for me.
*** I rotate out my cleaning schedule based on the day of the week it is, I got my daily (and weekly and monthly) cleaning routine from Mrs. FlyLady***

I am not going to lie, I hot glue gunned my right to the back of my door, but you might not feel comfortable doing that. If that is the case maybe hang a small slat of wood on the wall with thumbtacks and string and hot glue the min clothes pins to that. You can also hot glue gun your clothespins to the bottom of a white or chalkboard or directly on them. Anyway first step...hot glue gun down the mini clothes pins

Next, make labels to hang above the clothespins. I used letter stickers stuck to fun colored strips of paper. If you have a label maker I am jealous of you you can make labels to stick above the clothes pins. I asked for a label maker for Valentine's Day (practical gift for a chocolate hating girl!) but instead I got an early V-Day gift of an engagement ring...good call honey.

Now, just pin the papers or notes, or memos in the appropriate pins to keep all the important stuff together and in one spot! I only keep current and upcoming bills and to-dos on there, anything that needs to get archived goes in my small safe (for really safe keeping for things like loan paperwork or car payment info) or in my "important papers folder"

I hope this helped you get organized in a cute and fun DIY kind of way!

Love, Sav

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  1. I love this Idea!! I found stumbled to your blog through http://www.danielleburkleo.com/ and I'm Glad that I did!! I been wanting a way to organize my house chores and bills and other things and that is so perfect!! I also found a pack of clothes pins at the dollar store!! Love it!! I'm going to try it tonight. I just started my blog but you should drop by and check it out!!