The propsal story, and why I love Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is only an over-rated commercial holiday if you make it that way. We choose not to, and choose to take advantage of extra-special guestures of love all day, presents, and eating out. : )

The proposal story
Yesterday Greg took me to Francis Ford Coppola Winery for wine tasting (we never ended up even doing any wine tasting!) and appetizers after church. We got a drink and had a little snack and then walked around the GORGEOUS winery, until we got this ampitheatre that was re created from the birthday party scene in Godfather 2 with the strings of lights coming down over the whole thing. We were sitting enjoying the view, and I was wearing a ring my Great-Grandma gave to me on my left ring finger. He took the ring and said "Do you like this ring?" and I said "of course, my Nana gave it to me!" Then he said "Is it what you want your engagement ring to look like?" and I said "No, it doesnt look like an engagement ring!" And he said "Oh well how about this one?" And pulled the ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked "Will you be my wife?" Needless to say I FREAKED! Cool, calm, and collected was not on my radar. After screaming I said yes. Greg had called our closest friends prior and asked them to meet us there at 3:00, right after he asked me, and we celebrated with some dessert and some Sofia Coppola wedding wine. The end. Now he is my forever Valentine.

My all time favorite picture of us. Haha

Apparently we like to rock the grey, navy blue, and white color palate at all times.

Happy Love Day! Like I said it's only over-rated and commercial if you make it. Do something unique with the one you love today!


  1. That made my heart flutter! So romantic and sweet and I am sooooo happy for you!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! It's funny cause Ryan Porter saw the whole thing! He was working and he saw me and Greg walking outside and Greg's hands were shaking so bad because he was nervous, so Ryan was like "This is it!" (cause Greg had told him he was going to ask me yesterday) and we watched through the window! Haha

  3. how adorable! congratulations!