The many uses for lemons

Hello readers! Today is all about the LEMONS! Besides being just about the cheeriest citrus on the planet it has a lot of cleaning, anti-bacterial, and bleaching properties. It is safe for your children and pets, you know exactly what you are cleaning your house with, and come on who doesn’t love the smell of a lemon!

**Disclaimer – do not be deceived! Just because it is a natural product does not mean it is not a powerful one! It has the ability to bleach and corrode if left for too long with out being wiped up. Also these have worked for me, but might not work exactly the same for you.**

Counter Cleaner
Wipe off counter with a damp rag.
Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut half.
In a circular motion scrub those countertops clean
If you have a garbage disposal save the lemon, if not toss it.
Run a damp rag over countertops again and dry or let air dry.

Garbage Disposal Freshener
After scrubbing those countertops remove the pulp from the lemon and toss it
Cut peel into strips and toss into the garbage disposal
Run disposal with some water

Furniture Polish
1 cup Oilve Oil
½ Cup lemon Juice

Mix together is a small bowl and funnel into an empty, old water bottle or container with a screw on lid.
Use a dime sized amount on an old t-shirt or rag to rub on hardwood furniture

Bleach (this is a “good weather” thing!)
For stains on white linens, soak in water (cold for most stains, hot for grease stains)
Pour lemon juice on stain
Let dry in the sun

There you have it! Another natural cleaning product, thank you nature. : )

In other news...I'M the crazy friend who pretends to be AN AUNTIE! Well close enough friend anyway to be able to pull the auntie card. Lily. She is 6 lbs of perfection wrapped in a tiny pink blanket. Swoon. I'm in love.

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