DON'T do it all.

I LOVE buying day planners. I love picking them out at Target, or scoring one on clearance sale (at Starbucks no less!!) in like the middle of January. It's the best.
The planner I got his year has a very prideful and bold statement on the front.


Do it all? If I did it all my head would explode!

I recently fixed my day planner to accuratley reflect what I am striving for.
I can't do it all, and honestly I don't want to. I want to remember the vacations I took more than the small box on a calendar that I put a "vacation" sticker in. I want to remember how much fun wedding planning was, sitting on Greg's bed listening to Pandora radio and trying to find "the perfect dinner music"...not the scratched out appointments and meetings with "wedding planning" sandwiched in between written in pencil.

I want to leave my schedule open for the spontaneous date nights, and friends in crisis who need me.

I want to leave some calendar boxes empty for relaxation and spending time in the Word.

I DO NOT want to be a slave to my calendar, day planner, or schedule

I DO NOT want to be too busy to experience life, and be involved in the lives of my friends.

This is me releasing us BOTH from feeling burdened by the false responsibility to "DO IT ALL"

It's ok to say no. It's ok to say not today.

Take some time today to focus on what is happening around you and not what is happening next Tuesday. : )


  1. Savannah, I love this post! I'm a bit obsessed with planners as well. You should have seen me in college... I went a little crazy in the UCD bookstore, and a little too often! But unfortunately Google Calendar has replaced all the pretty planners, out of both necessity and convenience - it's right there on my smartphone, and it's there for me when I don't yet own a 2012 calendar - plus Brad and I can share calendars for speedy reference. Growing up is so sad. It's only been a few months, but I miss the beauty :(

  2. YES! LOVE this post and YOU! :) And I have a meeting tonight at church too!!!! LOL Doug and I have really been trying hard this last year to get our priorities straight with time management, etc. We try and run everything by each other so our weeks aren't overbooked with one or the other of us running out the door after dinner. ;) It's hard for me to not say yes to all, but I am learning!!!! xoxo