DIY baby girl banner

Hello lovelies! Here is the DIY I promised. I was inspired by the lovely Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore. If you have never looked her up, her blog is an inspiration overload and her kiddos are to die for! 
This is the banner I made for Ivy's baby shower. I was going to make a banner of the baby's name...but like I said before they are protecting it like area 51. I settled for "Baby Girl"

There are no pictures of the materials...my apologies! But I shall list them.

Scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun
Twine, string, lace 
Cardboard Starbucks coozies, the same amount as the letters in your banner.
Pen or marker

Rip the perforated tabs off the side of the coozie and cut the edges so it is straight up and down, and not curved out.

Measure and cut the scrapbook paper to fit directly over the cardboard coozies

Hot glue the paper to the cardboard

 Cut out smaller, neutral pieces of paper and write or print with your computer, the letters that you want on your banner.

Hot glue the smaller paper to the scrapbook paper, and then punch 2 holes on the cardboard to string the tiwne or lace through. After I strung the the twine through the two holes I hot glued it to the back so the pieces of paper wouldn't slide around.

Hang up and celebrate!

Love, Sav

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