DIY Christmas Wreath

So I posted this last Christmas, but it is a great (and easy) DIY that really makes your door say


So alas I am sharing it again and including a picture of the wreath I recycled made this year!

  1. Styrofoam wreath from craft store {Buy them here}
  2. Yarn, twine, or ribbon
  3. hot glue gun + sticks (low temp glue so styrofoam doesn't melt)
  4. Festive flowers or other knick-knacks

Now hot glue the end of the string to the styrofoam and wrap, wrap, wrap it around until it looks like this...

Ok no in horror realize you are only 1/4 done and wrap, wrap, wrap some more!

Do not be discouraged it will eventually look like this. : )

Now hot glue all the flowers and knick knacks to the wreath and find somewhere to hang it!
I made some christmas gift tags so I decided to add that to my wreath as well!

Here is my finished product! Merry Christmas y'all!

There are tons of these tutorials all over the web...here are some of my favorite

{Pom-Pom Wreath by Bleubird}

{Twin & Yarn Wreath by Two Junk Chix}

{Yarn Again - Image here}

{Felt Christmas buy this here}

Alright I hope you enjoy this tutorial and some inspiration from other bloggers.

Now link up with the wreaths you make!

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