How does your garden grow?

I apologize if you are not into gardening. I really do. I get on these kicks and I get SO excited with them...bear with me!

Tomorrow I will write about something that is like the opposite of gardening for all you black-thumbed people out there. What is the opposite of gardening? Maybe a post about something modern, concrete and urban.
We'll see.

Happy little plants!

I have my apple crate above ground garden going, but because of my horrible reputation of killing plants and forgetting about them, Greg suggested I start small. With a beginners (read: CHILD'S) greenhouse set.

So basically you have these little dried dirt pods...

you pick out your little seeds...

Fill your little pods with water, and place your seeds in the middle...

and place the little plastic lid on top, pop it in the sun and PRESTO a perfect little greenhouse!

I of course am WAY to impatient to wait for my seeds to sprout so I rushed out to ACE hardware to buy some already sprouted vegetables.

These I planted outside in my apple crate.

i used little chalkboard sticks to label the plants (I decided on a metallic permanent marker instead of chalk)

And Voila! Lettuce, squash, serrano chili peppers and string beans!

So what's your take? Hate gardening, love it? Any gardening goals? I love goals.


  1. so cute, savannah! it's so funny you posted this because sam just planted a garden this week...and i think he wishes i was more into it and i'm just not, haha...but maybe i'll give it another shot. :) keep updating how everything is growing!

  2. HI.
    Could you please tell me where you bought the chalkboard sticks? They are so cute. I need to get a few.


    1. I just bought a pack at Michael's Crafts!! I am not sure if they still have them, this was like a year ago that I bought them!! Hope you find them!

    2. Thank you so much! I checked home depot today and they didn't have them. They only had plastic plane ones or disney ones :-( I'll have to check Michaels tomorrow!!! What section were they in? The wood section or where the artificial plants/flowers are?